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2.25.2007,2/25/2007 11:02:00 AM
Sweet Miss Annabelle

I adopted Miss Annabelle back in 2002, when Joey and I moved into our first apartment. He had been with my sister's cat Sabrina for the past couple of years, and I thought that he needed a companion to help him pass the days.

At the SPCA, I found her, a sweet little tortoiseshell, shy, but after a little while she was rubbing her little body against my legs. I decided I would take her home.

That was the day I found out she DID NOT like being in a carrier. Annabelle about tore up the cardboard carrier the shelter put her in, but as soon as I got her home, Joey immediately took to her, and they became fast friends, bathing one another, sleeping curled next to each other.

After DH and I moved to Dallas, she had two other brothers to hang out with--BlackJack and Kino--and for three years we were all one big happy family. Well, as happy as four cats can be together. There were always spats, but we'd also see Annabelle on the bed curled up with either BlackJack or Joey. DH and I would call her our little "potato on legs," because of her round belly and little stick legs. She would want attention and we'd reach out to pet her, and she would coyly run away. Once we did pet her, though, she stuck around until we were finished scratching her neck and stroking her soft fur.

Annabelle has always been a little shy, and there would be days we wouldn't see her, but she'd always come in and play her little chase game with us.

Last night, I was in the bathroom, and Annabelle came in, meowing softly. This time, she let me pet her without running away. I noticed how thin she'd gotten--really unusual--over the past couple of weeks. She sat on the couch as DH and I petted, her, and I knew something was wrong.

We took her to the emergency vet around 8 pm last night, and they ran tests. For some reason--we don't know why--our Annabelle had quit eating and drinking, and she was in liver failure. The vet said that we could try to keep her alive, but she would have to have a feeding tube, but with three other cats, we knew that was not how she would want to live, and we didn't want to prolong her misery, if only to extend her life by a few months, at best.

So DH and I made the most difficult decision we have ever had to make. We chose to let her go.

He and I stayed until the end, because we didn't want her last moments to be alone, in an unfamiliar place. Even though she was sedated, I hope she somehow felt that we were there with her, stroking her soft head and telling her we loved her and what joy she'd brought to our lives. It was very peaceful, and she slipped away very quietly.

The most difficult thing to watch is the aftermath. Poor Joey keeps walking around looking for her, and he'll just sit in the hallway, as if waiting for her to come around the corner. Even BlackJack and Kino know something isn't right, and they've been skulking around, wondering what is going on.

They will miss her as much as we will.

Rest in peace, my little Annabelle. I hope that your sweet little soul is chasing butterflies.
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2.23.2007,2/23/2007 09:35:00 PM
From Poppy, who got it from Avi, etc, etc....

Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror?

I like all three, but I'd have to say Sci-Fi, closely followed by Fantasy, then Horror. Used to really enjoy horror, but not as much these days.

Hardback or Trade Paperback or Mass Market Paperback?
I really don't care. I just wanna read, man! (I share Poppy's sentiment)

Amazon or Brick and Mortar?
Amazon. Or eBay...

Barnes & Noble or Borders?
B&N, followed by my local library.

Hitchhiker or Discworld?
Never read them. What's Discworld, btw?

Bookmark or Dogear?
Bookmark. Usually it's an abandoned Starbucks receipt.

Asimov’s Science Fiction or Fantasy & Science Fiction?
I like both...but prefer Asimov.

Alphabetize by author, Alphabetize by title, or random?
Sorted by genre, then author.

Keep, Throw Away or Sell?
Keep the ones I really really love and are collectible, sell the rest.

Keep dust-jacket or toss it?

Read with dustjacket or remove it?
I take it off while I read the book then I put it back on when I shelf it. (ME TOO, Poppy!)

Short story or novel?
I prefer novels....

Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket?
Harry. I got through about 2 chapters of Lemony Snicket and wanted to poke my eyes out.

Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks?
Stop reading when I fall asleep. (Again, another answer of Poppy's I'm keeping)

"It was a dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time?"
I like both, but prefer the dark & stormy.

Buy or Borrow?
I borrow mostly, but will buy if they're out of print.

Buying choice: Book Reviews, Recommendation or Browse?
Recommendations & Browse. Some people say I can choose a good book like some people choose good wine.

Lewis or Tolkien?
I'm ashamed to say I've read neither....they are in my bookcase, though.

Collection (short stories by the same author) or Anthology (short stories by different authors)?

Tidy ending or Cliffhanger?
Cliffhangers are fine as long as the last book in the series is published already (which means I wait until the series concludes to start reading the books) and ends tidily. :) (Yes, I agree)

Morning reading, Afternoon reading or Nighttime reading?
Anytime reading is good!

Standalone or Series?
Series for most things.

New or used?
I like 'em all--I don't discriminate!

Favorite book of which nobody else has heard?
Oh gosh. Um, well, I really enjoyed this series that started with the book Sorcery & Cecelia, or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. What's really interesting about it is that the story is told in a series of letters that the two women write to one another. I'm currently reading the third one....

Top 5 favorite genre books of all time?
There's no way I can answer this question. Impossible!

Favorite genre series?
Oh geez. I think my all time favorite series is the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Currently Reading?
Cassie, by Vivian Schurfranz. This is part of a collection of really cheesy historical YA romances that were written in the 80's. They're not always easy to find, and for my birthday I purchased off eBay a lot of 20 of them--I was so excited! I read my favorite one already (Nicole, by Candice Ransom,) and this was one of my other favorites.
The Mislaid Magician, or Ten Years After,
by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer
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2.20.2007,2/20/2007 09:39:00 AM
Worst-Case Scenario for Tuesday, Feb 20
I got the Worst-Case Scenario daily calendar on the After-Christmas sales, and have been thoroughly enjoying it, so I thought I'd share today's bit of knowledge.

Bar Fight

While at a bar, you have one too many drinks, briefly lose your balance, and accidentally bump a stranger who is standing behind you, spilling his beer. A moment later you feel someone tapping your shoulder. As you turn around, you see the stranger, drunk and angry, has his fists up and is about to hit you in the face. You don't want to end the evening in the hospital, but you're not also willing to throw the first punch. Do you:

A. Lean in close, lessening the force of the blow, if you cannot avoid it altogether

B. Tilt your head back, hoping his punch won't connect

C. Quickly hide behind your friends, hoping one of them will protect you

D. Strike a karate-master pose and hope to scare him off

See the answer in the comments section!!
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2.15.2007,2/15/2007 04:14:00 PM
Tomorrow is...
Moving day!

I will most likely be out of pocket until at least Monday, because our Internet & stuff won't be hooked up until next Tuesday. I will, however, try to sneak some time at the coffee shop down the street that has free WiFi. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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2.14.2007,2/14/2007 09:41:00 AM
Think Before Throwing That Away--You Might Need it Later
Has anyone ever seen a show--Maury, Montel, Dateline--featuring people who are so obsessive-compulsive that they can't throw a single thing away? They have pathways through their houses and basically live with boxes and stuff piled high over their heads?

Yeah, that's not me. I mean, I have my piles, but they're not over my head (yet.) I think the fundamental differences between me and these people are that 1. I'm not obsessive-compulsive, and 2. I don't throw things away because I'm lazy.

The past few weeks, however, in preparation for our BIG MOVE, I've been ruthless, attacking clutter like a madwoman. Anything I haven't looked at since we moved here three years ago--tossed (for the most part, anyway.) Picture frames that have been sitting around? Donated to Goodwill. Eyeliner pencil sharpener? Bam! In the trash!

Fast forward to this morning. Most everything we have is boxed up, except, of course, for the essentials--toiletries, makeup, etc. I had, however, run out of eyeliner and last night bought a new one at Super Target on my way home. This morning, I unwrapped the silky brown pencil from its plastic wrapper and admired the sharp point of the pencil tip. Looking in the mirror, I gently stretched my right eyelid, and from the outer corner, began to line my upper lid next to my eyelashes.

I got about a half inch across my eyelid and the entire tip of the pencil broke off.

Holy crap! I thought. What am I going to do with half of one eyelid lined?? Rifling through my makeup box, I realized that, in my zeal to throw away the useless things cluttering up my life, I threw away the one thing I needed most at 6:30 am this morning.

My eyeliner pencil sharpener.

Cursing (because who doesn't like to drop a few F-bombs early in the morning?) I ran into the master bathroom and hunted around in a couple of baskets and Ziploc bags that are waiting to move to the new house. No sharpener. I then ran back to my makeup box, wondering what the hell I was gonna do with a half inch of eyeliner on one of my eyelids, and frantically dug down to the very bottom.

There, at the bottom of my box among an old concealer brush and a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator, was a brown eyeliner pencil that had a tiny spark of life in it. Granted, drawing the worn, nubby eyeliner across my eyelids felt a little like how running one's fingernails down a chalkboard would sound, I suffered for my beauty and was able to complete my toilette with minimal further problems.

Thank goodness I didn't throw everything away!

Note to self: Buy eyeliner sharpener on the way home tonight.....
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2.12.2007,2/12/2007 10:07:00 PM
Work in Progress
Please pardon our dust! Here are just a few pics of what we've done so far.

DH's video game room, before....
And after....
(Behr Grapevine and Warm Muffin)

Our kitchen, before...

And after!
(Behr Red Brick)
I stepped in the paint tray--this isn't a paint color we used, but a tinted primer for the red. Lovely. At least it matched my shoe!The entryway. The light fixture at the top is one we installed. Our primary paint color is Behr's Warm Muffin.
More to come...
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2.01.2007,2/01/2007 12:18:00 PM
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