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2.14.2007,2/14/2007 09:41:00 AM
Think Before Throwing That Away--You Might Need it Later
Has anyone ever seen a show--Maury, Montel, Dateline--featuring people who are so obsessive-compulsive that they can't throw a single thing away? They have pathways through their houses and basically live with boxes and stuff piled high over their heads?

Yeah, that's not me. I mean, I have my piles, but they're not over my head (yet.) I think the fundamental differences between me and these people are that 1. I'm not obsessive-compulsive, and 2. I don't throw things away because I'm lazy.

The past few weeks, however, in preparation for our BIG MOVE, I've been ruthless, attacking clutter like a madwoman. Anything I haven't looked at since we moved here three years ago--tossed (for the most part, anyway.) Picture frames that have been sitting around? Donated to Goodwill. Eyeliner pencil sharpener? Bam! In the trash!

Fast forward to this morning. Most everything we have is boxed up, except, of course, for the essentials--toiletries, makeup, etc. I had, however, run out of eyeliner and last night bought a new one at Super Target on my way home. This morning, I unwrapped the silky brown pencil from its plastic wrapper and admired the sharp point of the pencil tip. Looking in the mirror, I gently stretched my right eyelid, and from the outer corner, began to line my upper lid next to my eyelashes.

I got about a half inch across my eyelid and the entire tip of the pencil broke off.

Holy crap! I thought. What am I going to do with half of one eyelid lined?? Rifling through my makeup box, I realized that, in my zeal to throw away the useless things cluttering up my life, I threw away the one thing I needed most at 6:30 am this morning.

My eyeliner pencil sharpener.

Cursing (because who doesn't like to drop a few F-bombs early in the morning?) I ran into the master bathroom and hunted around in a couple of baskets and Ziploc bags that are waiting to move to the new house. No sharpener. I then ran back to my makeup box, wondering what the hell I was gonna do with a half inch of eyeliner on one of my eyelids, and frantically dug down to the very bottom.

There, at the bottom of my box among an old concealer brush and a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator, was a brown eyeliner pencil that had a tiny spark of life in it. Granted, drawing the worn, nubby eyeliner across my eyelids felt a little like how running one's fingernails down a chalkboard would sound, I suffered for my beauty and was able to complete my toilette with minimal further problems.

Thank goodness I didn't throw everything away!

Note to self: Buy eyeliner sharpener on the way home tonight.....
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