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4.17.2007,4/17/2007 12:44:00 AM

That rest was very well-deserved. I thank you, Internets, for being so patient with me. I know that my posting has been erratic these past few months, and I wanted to wait a couple of weeks before I came out and said why.

No, I'm not pregnant. That's a whole different story entirely.

But, remember a few months ago when I posted about the new job opportunity? And how excited I was? Getting to work from home, pay raise, yadda yadda yadda?

Yeah. I SO got screwed.

April 3 was my last day at that place. I waited until now to break my silence because I wanted to collect my last paycheck and be done with the whole sorry business.

Here's the story:
(Names have been changed)

January 2. Two days before my start date. I receive a call from my new place of employment.

Bdogg: Hello?

New Place of Employment: Hi, Bdogg, it's HR, how's it going?

Bdogg: I'm fine, thank you. How are you today?

NPOE: Oh we're great! So glad you're coming on board.

Bdogg: Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it, too!

NPOE: So, I have Chuck here in my office with me, and we wanted to talk to you about the new position you're taking.

Bdogg: Okaaay......

Chuck: Hi, Bdogg. First of all, we wanted to tell you that the company has been going through a bit of reorganizing the past few days, and I am going to be your new boss, not Martin who originally hired you. With that being said, we are unable to honor your original agreement. You will still be receiving the same pay, but no longer will you have the option of working from home.

Bdogg: ........

Bdogg: ........[seething inside my head].....Well, um. Thanks--I guess I will have to talk with my husband about this and see if this is something I still would like to pursue.

NPOE: Okay, Bdogg. Please call us if you have any questions.

Bdogg: Okay, thanks.

A bit of reorganizing, huh? All of this took place in the space of about two days. And they called me TWO DAYS BEFORE I WAS TO BEGIN WORKING THERE. To tell me that probably the main reason I took this job in the first place was now being taken away from me.

What could I do? DH came home that evening and we discussed it, but my only option was to go ahead and start on my designated day, since I'd already quit my other job, we were about to buy our first house, and we needed to have two paychecks coming in. Confident all this would work out for the best, I decided to go into this with an open mind and see what happened.

January 4. My first day at the NPOE. I come in, fill out all of my paperwork, blah blah blah, and was sitting in the HR office, asking my questions and all that jazz, when I mention to the HR person--and I made no secret of this when I was in negotiations for this position--that DH and I have been trying to have a baby and if this happens, what policies were there to allow me to take maternity leave, etc. You know, is short-term disability insurance available, FMLA, all that stuff.

Essentially, I was told by the HR department, and I'm paraphrasing a long-ass conversation here full of, "I knew a woman who had a baby on Friday and was back at work the following Monday," and similar BS, that when I got pregnant and had the baby, they as a company could "legally separate" from me until I decided to come back to work, at which my value to the company would be re-evaluated. Which boils down to, in a nutshell, that if I got pregnant I would probably be fired.

Yeah. Heart-warming stuff, huh?

Later that day, I was talking to Brent, the guy who told me about this job and he said that I was smack dab in the middle of a power struggle between Martin and Chuck. Originally, I was going to be in Martin's department, and reporting to him. Then, two days before I was to start my new position, all Account Reps were moved under Chuck's supervision, who did not believe in telecommuting. A tug of war ensued, the CEO was called in, and Chuck won that battle, after which he immediately called me to say he was rescinding the signed agreement that I had with Martin.

My head was completely spinning by this time. All I could think about was, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" I got home that evening, crawled into DH's arms, and promptly burst into tears.

After that, I went to Monster and began searching for a new job.

And, oh, boy, my friends....this story just keeps getting better. But you're going to have to wait until tomorrow, because I'm tired and would like to go to bed.

Good night, and damn, it feels good to be back!!
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