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4.24.2007,4/24/2007 10:45:00 PM
Finding the Silver Lining
Eventually, after a few weeks at that awful job, I began to find my feet. Even though I had originally resented Chuck for rescinding my original employment offer, in time, I started to respect the man. This place was so screwed up in terms of policy and procedure that it was falling apart, and he was brought in to put the place in order. Chuck was met with much resistance, and I joined the company when the turmoil was coming to a head. For me, though, once I decided to stop listening to everybody's bitching about Chuck and started focusing on the position, things started to get better.

My last post on this subject makes it seem as if my job was torturous, and about 85% of the time, it was. However, I developed several great friendships during my short tenure, and I really enjoyed the camaraderie in the area where I worked. After the project manager I was originally supposed to work closely with quit (thankfully, for he was not all he thought he was,) the atmosphere in our area lightened considerably. Often we'd go to lunch together, and towards the end we'd drink margaritas during our lunch hour on Fridays.

This turned out to be a hidden blessing, because holy crap, some of my clients were complete assholes.

One set of clients I referred to as "The Bitches," simply because when the above-mentioned project manager left, he left no files or e-mails on his laptop with the status of his projects. The only thing I had to go on was a spreadsheet that was cryptic at best. I was told that he deleted everything whenhe left....lovely, huh? Anyhow, when I asked for a conference call with The Bitches to get on track, they sent a very snarky e-mail saying, in a nutshell, that I should pretty much read their mind and figure it out for myself. It was an uphill battle every step of the way with them. Their e-mails were rude and they were awful to speak with on the phone. I dreaded every conference call with them because I knew they would be bitching about some thing or another that my company did wrong.

Of course, I realize that none of this was a personal attack on me, but directed towards the company. But you know what? Having to listen to that day in and day out started to wear on me. Thankfully, though, The Bitches were my only really difficult client. There were a few who were challenging, but no one was like The Bitches.

During this time, I was quietly interviewing for other positions. Luckily, several resume submissions resulted in interviews, and toward the end of March I was offered a Marketing position five miles from my house, making roughly the same amount as I was at my current job.

You better believe I took it in a heartbeat!

When I turned in my resignation, the CEO counteroffered, and in addition to a hefty raise, reinstated the offer to work from home like in the original agreement. My mind was made up to leave, however, and I politely declined. As much as I wanted to give them the finger and tell them to fuck off, I couldn't. Except in extreme cases, I just can't be a bitch. I think the best part of the counteroffer was the acknowledgment by them that I was treated with unfairness, and the apology that followed.

I started this new position on April 9, and already I feel so much better. It's a 10 minute drive, I get to come home for lunch, and I'm doing what I love to do. Plus, the people are really nice.

I don't want to say I regret the past few months of my life, because for one, it spurred me on to find something better that, in my complacency in the other Marketing position, I probably wouldn't have looked for. I also learned that being a project manager was something I absolutely hated, for my true skills lie in being creative.

This new position allows me to have more free time to focus on our new house and my wonderful husband, who has been unfailingly supportive during the past few months. He took the vow "for better or worse" to heart, and I couldn't have gotten through this without him.

So, I guess all's well that ends well, right?

I'm pretty much eliminating my previous place of employment from my resume, though.

I'm pretending it never happened.
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