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4.25.2007,4/25/2007 12:31:00 AM
I Want to Believe in the Goodness of People
I had one hell of a past couple of days, I tell you.

Friday afternoon I met a friend of mine for lunch at BJ's Brewhouse. It was so much fun catching up, and the food was really good--I had the Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza, and a Caesar salad.

At about 5 pm, I started getting rumblings in my stomach. The minute I got home, I ran for the bathroom, where I stayed pretty much all weekend. Apparently something in either the pizza or salad made me quite ill.

Monday morning, feeling better, I was driving to work when I approached a stoplight. The light turned green, I took my foot off the gas, and as I started to apply my foot to the gas pedal, I was slammed from behind.

A teal Camaro rear-ended me.

Stunned, I signaled to go into the left turn lane and put my hazard lights on, waiting for the Camaro to pull behind me so we could sort this mess out.

The cocksucker kept on driving.

In disbelief, I watched the car pass me, but despite the shock from being hit I had the mental capacity to get the license plate number, which I numbly kept repeating as I pulled back into traffic and into a nearby parking lot, where I dialed 911.

Giving the dispatcher my information as well as the license plate number of the douchebag who rear-ended me, (see, I told you I liked using those words when people piss me off while driving!) I waited for the cops to come and take my statement. They arrived about 10 minutes later, and I gave an accounting of what happened. That done, I drove on to work where I called the insurance company and filed my claim and made a doctor's appointment.

Armed with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories, I took the rest of the day off, lying on the couch and watching TV. My doctor said that the two days after the accident would probably be the worst for soreness, and she was right. Today I'm having trouble moving my right arm, and my neck and head ache. I'm fine otherwise--no serious injuries that I can discern, just some soreness and difficulty with movement. Let's hope it stays that way.

Luckily, the damage to my car isn't too bad. My bumper was knocked out of alignment, there's teal paint and scuffs all over it, I lost a reflector, and the muffler was damaged. All in all, I'm really lucky that I or my car wasn't banged up more than we were.

But the whole thing makes me really angry. What was that person thinking, not stopping? Did they not have insurance (we're treating this as an uninsured motorist claim)? Are they just assholes who don't care about others? For all they know, I could have had a small child in the back seat, but obviously they didn't give a shit if they kept on driving. I'm still kind of in shock about the whole thing. All I know is that by fleeing the scene, they made it a hell of a lot harder on themselves. I bet they didn't think I was able to get their plate number. Showed them, the bastards.

The cops aren't optimistic that they'll find the person who did it. I hope they do, just so they'll get a ticket or whatever happens when you flee the scene of an accident.
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