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6.05.2007,6/05/2007 09:01:00 PM
Note to Self: Buy Water Socks and a Big Beach Towel
Tonight, I participated in a water aerobics class at my local community pool. Now, I know that everyone says water aerobics is a deceptive form of exercise, but I thought, "It can't be THAT bad, right?"


Everyone was really nice, which was a good start to the class. I wasn't nearly as self-conscious being out there in my swimsuit like I thought I'd be. We all got into the pool and started walking around the lazy river (which, btw, is so NOT an apt description,) and did some laps.

Then the torture began.

For 45 minutes we ran/walked, skipped, did leg lifts and crab walked with and against the current. I felt like my legs were going to fall off, and my feet kinda got scraped up from the bottom of the pool. Not to mention that I had a difficult time controlling where I was going in the not-so-lazy-river and kept bumping into the walls.

Afterward, we ventured to the still area and did some ab work for fifteen minutes, and when class was over, I wondered why everyone walked back into the lazy river back to the stairs to exit the pool instead of using the ladders on the side. See, the Bdogg isn't too bright sometimes.

Getting out of that pool, I felt like I weighed 400 lbs. And my right leg was really sore!

The best part was trying to dry off with this poor excuse for a bath towel that I'd brought with me. It was soaked within seconds, and trying to put on a t-shirt and yoga pants when you're still wet is a challenge in itself!

Is it obvious that I was horribly unprepared???

I still had fun though, and am going to refill my muscle relaxers tomorrow.
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