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6.27.2007,6/27/2007 08:46:00 PM
This afternoon, I went to my physical therapy session for the next-to-last time. I'm not healed by any means--I still have quite a ways to go, but I feel like my boss at work is starting to get tired of me leaving 45 minutes to an hour early two days a week, and frankly, I'm tired of it too. Water aerobics was a big bust, because even though I got a good workout from it, my leg hurt so much afterwards that I had to take Vicodin and a muscle relaxer before I went to bed.

All of this has contributed to my extremely grumpy mood over the past two weeks. Grr.

So, to get back on track with this post, I went to physical therapy tonight. They have an intern there at the moment who is a student at physical therapy school, and so things are running a bit slower than usual. No big deal--I got into my little "room," which is essentially a curtained-off exam table, and began my treatment, consisting of ultrasound on my hip and shoulders, and massage done by the student physical therapist.

Since the physical therapy areas are curtained off, you can usually hear the conversations that go on in the next cubicle. Today I heard things coming out of this one woman's mouth that astounded me. Here are some snippets of her conversation--I am not making this up, and THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS. I am just putting them here because I simply had to preserve for posterity the insanity of this woman, because I cannot fathom that there are people who actually think this way in this world. She probably thinks that Ann Coulter is a brilliant political commentator.

Crazy Lady on Illegal Immigration:
"These people don't believe in God. These people don't believe in America. I think they should all be deported. I've already talked to my Senator at least twice on this."

Crazy Lady on Hillary Clinton:
"That woman is a snake-oil salesman. I would be very disappointed in this country if there were people out there who would actually vote for her. That's very disheartening."

Crazy Lady on Socialized Medicine:
"You know, in Scotland, if you go to the dentist and have a cavity, they just pull your tooth. They don't give you a filling. They don't do teeth cleanings. That's why those people have such bad teeth. I mean, you've seen them! Their teeth are all yellow!"

I couldn't listen any more after that. At some point during her tirade I looked up at the student physical therapist and was like, "What the fuck is this woman thinking?"

I saw her in the lobby a bit later--a thin, semi-older woman, probably late 40's to mid 50's, wearing shorts and a tank top, with a Western-themed fleece blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

Crazy, I tell you. That woman was in-sane.
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