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7.23.2007,7/23/2007 09:04:00 PM
Bdogg and the Overactive Imagination
Ever since my car accident, I will sometimes wake up in the night with these twinges in my shoulder. It keeps me from falling back to sleep, and the only thing that helps is if I pop a Vicodin and lie on the couch. I turn on the TV.

You know a great TV station to have on at 2 in the morning? TVLand. Something about those old shows is really soothing....

Now, we keep our blinds in the family room and game room up about a quarter of the way so the cats can look outside, so at 2 in the morning when I'm staggering to the couch, it is always in the back of my head that some burglar or peeping Tom or werewolf or demon is waiting on the other side of the window, staring at me, getting ready to break into the house, or kill me.

And it kinda freaks me out.

I also don't like to be in the house alone overnight--if DH goes out of town for the weekend, or if he's away on business, I don't sleep very well at all. Now, if it's only for a couple of days, I try to butch up and stay at home (with the gun in close proximity to me, though,) but if he's gone for more than two nights, I usually go over to the in-laws and stay with them. Yes, I'm a pussy.

I used to not be like this. When I first went off to A&M I slept alone in the apartment I shared with my roommate all the time--I had no problem being alone, in fact, I loved it. Then, the night before I was to move back home for the summer, I had gone over to a friend's house to play cards and have a few drinks. I left my apartment about 9 pm, and came back around 1:30. The door was open, which I didn't think was all that odd, because my roommate ALWAYS left the door unlocked. So I walked on in, and noticed that the lights were on. Thought that was kind of strange, because I was sure I had turned the lights off when I left. But oh well. My roommate must have come home, turned the lights on, and left without locking up (she was raised in a small town and didn't quite grasp the concept of locking your front door.)

But anyway, I walked back into my bedroom, and noticed that my box spring, which had been pushed up against the window earlier in the day was pushed away from the window, the blinds were shredded, and the screen to my window was lying on my mattress. Broken glass was all over the floor.

And, dumbass that I was, IT STILL DIDN'T REGISTER. I thought that maybe my roommate had forgotten her key and had to break the window to get in. (I think I was in shock) The light finally turned on in my brain when I called my roommate to ask her what was going on and she said that she hadn't been in the apartment since the afternoon. And that's when I started to freak out.

Luckily, the only thing that was taken was a bike that belonged to my roommate's boyfriend, but I felt so violated, especially because it had been my room that had been broken into. The police were called, reports were filed, and I ended up crashing at my roommate's new apartment that night, because I sure as hell wasn't going to sleep in my old place. They never found out who did it, but I doubt much legwork was done on our case. We were students, the school year was over, and nothing of real consequence was taken. Well, nothing except my peace of mind!

Ever since, it has been difficult for me to stay overnight by myself. I thought that the two years I lived alone in my single-girl apartment had cured me, but that was only 650 square feet, so there was only one way in, and not as much space for someone to hide and kill me in my sleep. However, our house now is nearly 2000 square feet, which means there is three times more space for intruders to lurk, waiting in the study to cause me bodily harm, or in the guest bedroom, just waiting for their chance.

Is it any wonder, then, why I don't like watching scary movies???
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