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7.19.2007,7/19/2007 03:07:00 PM
Behavioral Problems

This morning, you were so beautiful. You had bounce and volume and were a joy to look at. Every part of you was pure poetry--you turned under where you were supposed to, and I was enthralled by the sophisticated look you portrayed. I was so happy, becuase I thought, "Today is the day that my hair finally behaves."

But you didn't.

The minute I stepped outside you fell flat on your follicles, impervious to the volumizing mousse I so lovingly applied to your roots. You made my bangs feather out like a poor Farrah Fawcett imitation, resisting all pleas to remain the beautiful, side-swept creation you were MEANT to be. And, worst of all, you deviously pushed the button I most hate to have pushed: you made one--JUST ONE--section flip and stick awkwardly out of what had all the potential to be a perfectly turned under, layered bob.

Why must you be so difficult? I do everything for you! I wash you in highlight-enhancing shampoo, I lightly condition you to keep you supple, I even let you rest over the weekends and don't use styling products if I am not going anywhere of consequence. Once a week, I remove any buildup that might have accumulated on you with a gentle clarifying shampoo. So why do you repay me by flipping when you're not supposed to, doing weird feather-y things, and falling flat? What have I done to deserve this????

Look, we're stuck with each other, so we might as well TRY to get along, right?

Let's hope that tomorrow is a better day.

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