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7.29.2007,7/29/2007 08:24:00 PM
This past week has been quite exhausting. Monday morning I got to work and found out that a proposal that I had all but given up on got the go-ahead from the director of our group and I had to scramble to get everything out by Thursday for delivery on Friday. Many frustrated hours later, I slapped that FedEx sticker on the box late Thursday afternoon and breathed a sigh of relief. Now, whether we get the interview or not is another story, but I was just glad to be done with it!

Because of my hard work, my boss gave me a half day off for "free" on Friday, which was awesome since my mom and sister came into town for the weekend for a visit. We spent the afternoon at the mall, where I bought some new clothes and lots of stuff for the house. Things are starting to come together a bit--here's a photo of the revamped mantel:

I thought that the cats would be hospitable, since we haven't had any mishaps with other people who've come to stay, but sure enough, BlackJack went crazy on Friday night and attacked my mom on the way to the guest room, and when I tried to shoo him away, he came back and attacked ME! He was banished to the master bedroom for the rest of the weekend. I just don't understand why he does that--this never happens when other people come to visit! DH and I seem to think it's because my mom and sister have dogs, and the cats smell the dogs on them.

I am entering my fourth week of Weight Watchers, and everything seems to be going well. So far I haven't felt deprived, in fact, I made a lovely vegetarian lasagna for dinner tonight. The thing I can't understand, though, is the fact that at home, my scales register a 9 lb weight loss, while at the meetings, the "official" weight loss is only 4 lbs. I started out at the same weight on both scales! Maybe it's because at home, I weigh in the morning, while my meetings are in the evening.....I don't know, I like to think it's a 9 lb weight loss instead of a 4 lb one. :) Whatever gets me through the day, right?? DH is doing really well, too--he's lost 10 lbs!

I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!!!
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