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7.01.2007,7/01/2007 11:07:00 AM
Sunday Tidbits!
In an attempt to get the nasty stains out of my beautiful porcelain sink, I have filled one side of it with scalding hot water and added a cup of bleach. That's a lot of bleach, but the Flylady said to use a cup! Oh wait, maybe she said a cap of bleach. It is the same first and last letter, with one vowel change in the middle. Oops. My sink is looking quite angry at the moment.

I've decided to poach eggs for brunch this morning and do a kind of Eggs Benedict, but without the hollandaise sauce. While searching the Internets to see how long eggs need to poach, I put "pooching an egg" in the Google Search Box instead of "poaching an egg." Is that a Freudian slip of some sort?

I'm watching Weird Science on HBO. It's seriously one of my favorite 80's movies. The guy who plays Wyatt is Ilan Mitchell-Smith, who incidentally was an English grad student and TA at the college I attended. By the time I graduated he was a full-fledged professor, with a PhD in Medieval History or something like that--one of my favorite subjects! Anyway, I always wanted to have him as a prof for one of my classes, just so I could go up to him and say, "How about a nice, greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?" (a line from the movie) I probably would have gotten failed right on the spot, as he doesn't like to have his past movie career brought up, but it would have been worth it.

On the menu for tonight's dinner is pot roast, made in the crockpot. We've had problems with pot roasts before, the meat never getting tender enough, and a co-worker told me her secret recipe. If it works, I will be super happy. If not, I'm never making a roast again.

Okay, my egg pooching liquid is simmering, so I must go! (yes, that was intentional)
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