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10.16.2007,10/16/2007 07:50:00 PM
Weekend Hijinks
So, Poppy left early on Sunday morning, which was interesting. The night before, she and I went to Central Market to buy steaks and all the fixin's for that, including a really good bottle of wine, when I got the bright idea to make lemon drop martinis. Some really yummy steak, a glass of wine, and two lemon drop martinis later, Poppy and I were on our laptops at the kitchen table (yeah, we're so cool, aren't we?) drunkenly trading music. We stumbled off to bed around midnight, and I set my alarm for 4 am in order to give myself enough time to get around before we had to leave for the airport at 4:45 am. (Damn you, Priceline!)

And of course, since I had to be up at a certain time, I kept waking up at all hours, thinking that I might have missed the alarm, and omg, Poppy was going to miss her flight, and boy would that suck (not for me, b/c I'd have her here all the time if it was up to me!) but the clock inched by - 1 am, 2:15 am, etc.

Finally, 4 am rolled around, and I stumbled out of bed. My balance was so poor that I was convinced I was still drunk, and was paranoid that I was going to get stopped on my way to the airport and get arrested. Fortunately, though, it was just the fact that it was FOUR IN THE MORNING.

We left on time, and after getting Poppy to the airport with no problems, I was almost out to the freeway when DING! My gas light went off. It was nearly 6 am at this point, and I really didn't want to stop and get gas, but I knew that I had to, otherwise I'd be stranded. So I pulled off the freeway and put some gas in the tank, proceeded home, and ended up sleeping nearly the entire day.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. We enjoyed our time at the Arboretum, and had tons of fun shopping on Saturday (we took this at the mall - I don't know what our deal was with flipping the bird) until we were tired of walking around and trying on clothes, then we went to Central Market, and the rest I already told you.

Fun stuff!
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