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12.16.2007,12/16/2007 07:45:00 PM
A Nice Surprise...
So, remember how we won the iPhone at my Christmas party and DH got to keep it? Well, I had been thinking about what I'd like to have in return. Immediately I thought, "Kate Spade," since, well, I'm a Kate Spade junkie, but after looking at her collection this year, I wasn't really impressed with what I saw. Dejectedly, I decided to look at other brands, and found this at Dooney & Bourke's website, but, at $425, it was a bit out of our price range. So I checked out Coach and found a bag that was understated (sometimes Coach can make bags a bit too showy for my taste,) and in our price range, and sent the link to DH's iPhone. :)

Yesterday we met DH's parents for brunch and tried to brave NorthPark Mall, but after driving around for an hour looking for a parking space (I have NEVER seen it that busy,) we headed back up to our side of town and DH and I ran our errands. While hitting the mall on our side of town, we walked into Macy's and rode the escalator to the second floor, where DH led me to the handbag department, found the bag I had shown him, and bought it for me. What a guy!

Here's what I got--it was such a surprise!!!!

Today has been spent baking cookies to take to the office tomorrow, watching Planet Earth reruns on the Discovery Channel, and cooking a damn good meal of sweet and sour slow cooker flank steak with roasted potatoes and salad. I wish I had pictures of that to show you, but alas, I ate it all before I thought about it.

My weight loss has stalled for the moment, as it is the holidays and I'll be damned if I'm going to deprive myself of a couple glasses of wine or a few cookies. That's okay, though, because I'm really just trying to maintain, and then hit it hard when the holidays are over. Although, the cookies I baked for tomorrow are from the Weight Watchers website, and they're delicious! I'm hovering right around 35 lbs lost at the moment, and let's hope I can keep it that way!
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