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3.24.2008,3/24/2008 09:07:00 PM
I Hate My Guts...
Hello all!

So last Friday I had my latest test for the ol' digestive system. This was a HIDA scan (not hydoscan like I'd originally thought it was spelled,) which consisted of my fasting for an evening, checking into the hospital at the crack of dawn, and getting yet another IV. But, this time I got to sit on an X-ray table for 2 hours while a radioactive isotope traveled from my liver to my gallbladder--that was interesting, because everything glowed--and then I was injected with a chemical that told my gallbladder "Hey, she ate something, get to work!" This was to check how much, if at all, my gallbladder was functioning.

The test finally ended, and by that time I had to pee so badly (Why is that? I didn't have a drop to drink after 8 PM the night before!) I literally sprinted to the bathroom and peed forEVER.

So, what's the verdict, you ask? Well, according to the nurse, my gallbladder function is at 48%. They automatically remove the gallbladder when it functions at 30% or below. As it stands I'm at the low end of normal, but as she wasn't a doctor, she couldn't tell me anything definitively. She did, however, say that it is probably a better than average chance that I'll have to have it out, since the function will continue to decline over the next few years and I'll have to have it out anyway. I haven't heard from my doctor yet, but I probably will tomorrow. If it will alleviate my problems, though, I'm all for it!

On another note, though, is anyone watching Dancing with the Stars? I got hooked last season quite unexpectedly, and of course I'm watching this season as well. The singers are kind of bad (the rendition of "Hey Baby" was atrocious) and some of the dancers have a lot of room for improvement, but what can I say? But I'm wondering, what the hell is up with Priscilla Presley's face? Did she really have to have whatever work she had done? She used to be so pretty! Woman can dance, though. I hope at 62 I can move like she can! I probably won't, though. I'll be hobbling around on a walker, mainlining Ensure and wondering where the hell I am. A girl can dream, though....

Anyone have early predictions of who might win??
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