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3.11.2008,3/11/2008 08:51:00 AM
Remember my earlier bouts this year with stomach pain, in which we thought it was appendicitis, and I spent the evening in the ER? Well, that was nearly two months ago, and I'm still not any better. Over Valentine's weekend I suffered from a spasm in my abdominal area that was so painful I could neither stand up straight nor lie down flat, so for a few minutes all I could do was bend myself at the waist and pray that the pain subsided.

It did, but it hasn't totaally gone away. A visit to the gyno revealed it wasn't my ovaries, so week before last I made a trip to the gastroenterolgist. She took my history, and asked me about the pains I've been having. In addition to the lower abdominal pain, I've also been suffering from a pain when I eat in the middle of my abdomen. The GI doctor's theory is that the two pains are unrelated and she wants me to have two procedures done: a colonoscopy, and a hydoscan, which is essentially an X-Ray where they check gallbladder function.

Tomorrow morning,I check into the hospital for my first test, the colonoscopy. Woo! (I'm brimming with sarcasm, can you tell?) It is going to be a short test, only lasting about an hour, and I'll be sedated for the procedure (THANK GOD,) but I'm really only concerned about two things: the prep the day before, and the IV before the procedure.

Today, I am on a clear liquid diet, and can have no solid food. I can have chicken broth, clear soft drinks & beverages, and Jell-O. Thank goodness Jell-O counts as a liquid, otherwise I might go crazy. I'll be at work most of the day, so I've warned everyone that I might be a real bitch due to the lack of food, and apologized in advance. Then, in the afternoon, I begin taking the prep, which is essentially a giant laxative to prepare my colon. Everyone I've talked to said this is the worst part, and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. Then again, who knows? I might end up losing some weight by doing all this!

Maybe I should weigh in before I go to the hospital?

The other thing I'm worried about is the IV. Every time I've had an IV in my hand, I've sort of passed out due to the pain. Shots don't bother me. Giving blood doesn't bother me. IV's, though? They REALLY bother me. Hopefully they'll be able to either put it in my arm or deaden the area before they try to put it in my hand. I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it....
The hydoscan is scheduled for the 21st, and calls for an IV as well. Good lord, I don't know how I'm going to stand this!!!

So please send me good vibes tomorrow morning, and let's hope that they figure out what's going on with me!
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