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4.28.2008,4/28/2008 06:00:00 PM
Waiting for #3
Weekend before last, DH and I noticed my battery was a bit sluggish. Thinking I could get by a few more days, we let it go. Then, Monday afternoon, as I was about to take my lunch break, wouldn't you know, the battery was completely dead. The damn thing wouldn't even turn over. I had to get a co-worker to take me to Wal-Mart (oh, how I loathe thee, Wal-Mart,) and of course the book couldn't tell the person behind the counter what kind of battery my Mazda 6 needed, so I looked at the kind of battery a Mazda 3 needed and bought that, figuring it would be the same, right?

I get to work, and as 5 pm approaches, realize NOBODY HAS JUMPER CABLES IN THE ENTIRE OFFICE. Not even me, and I'd just been at Wal-Mart a mere two hours earlier and could have bought some. The AP chick's boyfriend drove up right about that time and miraculously had jumper cables, so I was able to get home for DH to put the new battery in.

But the battery didn't fit, so he had to go to AutoZone and buy one that did, so as I puttered around in the garage, and as he closed the garage door, I just happened to look up at the garage door opener. Which I never do. Because who looks up at their garage ceiling? Not me...

And what do you know - one of the brackets holding the garage door opener to the ceiling has broken and now it is dangling by one measly bracket.

I gasped and immediately called DH and said, "ohmygoshthegaragedooropenerisdanglingandthebracketbrokeyouhavetofixit!"

(I'm usually not this dramatic, but for some reason I was being super affected by all this.)

So DH went to Home Depot as well as AutoZone, and bought a metal bracket to fix the garage door opener. And now everything's back to normal, whatever the hell that is.

But that makes me wonder. Everything happens in threes, right? Well, my battery died, and then the whole brouhaha with the garage door opener happened. Where's number 3?

I need to go find a piece of wood to knock on or something...
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