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5.26.2008,5/26/2008 09:57:00 PM
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
Yesterday, DH and I went to Scarborough Faire - a lovely village festival in Waxahachie where you are transported back into the 16th century. Well, sort of.

There is an equivalent near Houston, which I've been to twice in my life, and since we've lived here in Dallas I hadn't been to Scarborough Faire, which was something I've wanted to remedy for So, it being the last weekend and all for the festival, DH and I took the hour drive down to see what we could see.

Here is some of what we saw:

Some kids getting tossed around in a barrel swing...
A procession that went on forever...Henna tattoos...The final result...(my hair looked horrible!)
Camel rides...
A guy who played music by rubbing his fingers on glasses filled with water...(it was actually really cool)
And me trying on hats. I wanted this cute pink cowboy hat, but it was $55! I passed on it.It was a really, really fun day, despite the fact that it was 1000 degrees outside and I sweated like I've never sweated before (and you all know how I hate to sweat.) There were lots of people dressed in costume: I saw barbarians, lords and ladies, belly dancers, and a man in Native American garb who had the most gorgeous head of black hair I've ever seen. Gentlemen, why is it that when you grow long hair, it looks damn awesome, but if I try to grow it, it looks like crap?? I ate some lightly breaded, fried mushrooms and a barbecue pork pie, followed later by some skewered fresh pineapple and drank about 50 bottles of water. And, silly us, DH nor I wore any sunscreen on our bodies, so I have the nice farmer tan/burn on the back of my neck and part of my arms. Yeah.

Next year I plan on going in costume, like the big nerd I am, oh, and I'll go when the faire opens at the first of April instead of the end of May, so maybe I won't roast to death....
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5.20.2008,5/20/2008 06:12:00 PM
Plane Rides, Sinus Infections, and 25 Big Hershey Kisses
Hi Everyone!

Last week I was in the land of milk chocolate (Hershey, PA) for a tradeshow. I left Friday before last and flew straight to Harrisburg in one of those regional jets that hopped up and down on the wind currents and scared the ever-living crap out of me (oh, Xanax, where are you when I need you?) and sat next to the most inconsiderate asshole on the planet who brought a stinky hot sandwich on the plane with him and proceeded to linger over it for a good 20-30 minutes, in between sips of a nasty-looking blue-ish smoothie. Oh nausea, you were my good friend that evening.

I arrived in Harrisburg around 9:45 PM and went to get my rental car, and thank goodness, they had some with GPS. However, when I typed in the address of my hotel, I chose "shortest time" instead of "use freeways" or something like that, because I wound up doing all kinds of twisty-turny crap, and let me tell you, PA is extremely DARK--there were hardly any streetlights. Thankfully I arrived at my hotel in one piece and pretty much fell into bed.

Next day, I mapped out some things to do and headed out to Hershey's Chocolate World, where I took a "tour" of how chocolate is made (complete with fake factory and all - apparently my father-in-law was really mad when he took that tour because he wanted to see a real factory) and, at the urging of a co-worker, brought back those big Hershey Kisses for everyone in the office. Well, they were in between the big ones and the regular size. I'd briefly thought about just going to Wal-Mart, picking up a couple bags of Hershey Miniatures, and saying, "I bought these in Hershey!" when I got back, but that wouldn't be nice, would it? :)

Sunday through Tuesday was the tradeshow, and it was your typical tradeshow - people going apeshit over crappy 99-cent pens and stress balls. I got sexually harassed by one winner whose wife was talking to one of our other reps not five feet away. I didn't really know how to deal with that, so I just laughed it off.

Tuesday we packed everything up and I got to the airport to find out that my 8 PM flight from Chicago to Dallas (I had a layover) was canceled, and I was put on the later, 8:45 PM flight instead. Well, due to storms in the area and delays, our 8:45 flight sat on the runway for about an hour and we didn't take off until nearly 11 PM, and by the time I got my bags and took the shuttle out to get my car, it was 1 AM, putting me home at 2 AM. I had been up nearly 24 hours by this time and was freaking exhausted! And wouldn't you know, I went to work the next day--granted, I went in at 10 and left at 4:30, but I was there all the same. Some consolation is that I got to take Friday off, though....had a two-hour massage.....it was great.

I don't know if I caught something on the plane, but Friday I started getting stopped up. By Saturday I couldn't breathe and Sunday was running fever. A trip to the doctor yesterday revealed a nice sinus infection, but at least I'm on antibiotics now and hopefully I'll get over it rather quickly.

Oh, and I got a prescription for Xanax too, so I won't be unprepared on plane rides anymore. Woo hoo!
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5.07.2008,5/07/2008 07:55:00 PM
I Have a lot of Gall
Last week I had my appointment with the surgeon about my gallbladder. She really listened to me when I told her my symptoms, and based on all my test results, it was recommended that the ol' gallbladder come out. (Duh, like we all knew THAT wasn't gonna happen!)

So, my surgery has been scheduled for the early morning of July 2nd, which I chose because I get a "free" day off for July 4th and now will only have to use two PTO days instead of three. The surgeon said that she sees a lot of women my age with gallbladder disease, and that there also seems to be a correlation with losing significant amounts of weight and gallbladder problems. Who knew?

On Friday I'm heading out to Hershey, PA, for a tradeshow that will take place over the weekend and through Tuesday. It should be a pretty fun time - I was supposed to see some friends while I was there, but found out this evening that they're in Arizona for the week and won't be back in time to see me. :( Bummer!! Oh well - I have some things to do in mind.

Dancing with the Stars is starting to heat up! The funny thing is, DH has gotten hooked on it too, mainly because of Jason Taylor. I can't decide who to root for, though, him or Kristi Yamaguchi. But the judges didn't seem to like either of their dances the other night!

I'm such a dork. But y'all already knew that.
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5.02.2008,5/02/2008 05:02:00 PM
Changing my Mind
Have I ever mentioned just how much I hate exercising? I mean, I really hate exercising – always have. Why exert yourself, and heaven forbid, sweat, when you can be doing something far more relaxing, like reading a book or watching your favorite TV show?

This apathy towards exercise was probably a massive factor in my weight gain of epic proportion over the past 8 years, and when I joined Weight Watchers, DH signed us up for a gym membership not long after. I gave it the old college try for a little while, but I hated it, and slowly stopped going. DH, however, kept at it, and hired a personal trainer a couple of months ago to show him what he needed to do in the weightlifting department.

I blithely watched him go to the gym several times a week, while I stayed home, made dinner, and watched myriad episodes of House Hunters on HGTV. (I love that show, but people can be real bitches when they’re looking at houses – “The bedrooms are a little small” – like a kid needs a 15’ x 15’ bedroom? But I digress…)

Then, about six weeks ago, something happened. DH started making me go to the gym. I’m not kidding. I would come home and the bastard (sorry, honey, but I seriously hated you then) would badger and guilt-trip me until I put my gym clothes on and go with him to work out. I would moan and complain and be in a general pissed-off mood until about 5 minutes into my warmup on the stationary bike, when the endorphins would kick in and I would start feeling better. I would leave the gym in a nicer mood than when I came in, but I still maintained that I hated going.

This pattern went on twice a week for about three weeks – badger, bitch and moan, work out, come home – until one day, I came home from work, immediately went to the bedroom, changed into my gym clothes, and went with DH to the gym—without complaint, shockingly enough. I even went a third time last week, and, when DH told me yesterday that he was going to be late and to go to the gym without him, you know what I did? I got home, changed clothes, and went to work out, all. by. my. self. And you know what? I rather enjoyed it.

I can’t pinpoint what caused me to change my attitude toward working out, whether it was my forming a habit or just resigning myself to the inevitable that if I didn’t go I would be getting hell from my husband, but in any event, I don’t mind it as much anymore.

Now if I could only change my attitude towards my job like I did exercising, I'd be set!
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