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5.07.2008,5/07/2008 07:55:00 PM
I Have a lot of Gall
Last week I had my appointment with the surgeon about my gallbladder. She really listened to me when I told her my symptoms, and based on all my test results, it was recommended that the ol' gallbladder come out. (Duh, like we all knew THAT wasn't gonna happen!)

So, my surgery has been scheduled for the early morning of July 2nd, which I chose because I get a "free" day off for July 4th and now will only have to use two PTO days instead of three. The surgeon said that she sees a lot of women my age with gallbladder disease, and that there also seems to be a correlation with losing significant amounts of weight and gallbladder problems. Who knew?

On Friday I'm heading out to Hershey, PA, for a tradeshow that will take place over the weekend and through Tuesday. It should be a pretty fun time - I was supposed to see some friends while I was there, but found out this evening that they're in Arizona for the week and won't be back in time to see me. :( Bummer!! Oh well - I have some things to do in mind.

Dancing with the Stars is starting to heat up! The funny thing is, DH has gotten hooked on it too, mainly because of Jason Taylor. I can't decide who to root for, though, him or Kristi Yamaguchi. But the judges didn't seem to like either of their dances the other night!

I'm such a dork. But y'all already knew that.
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