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5.26.2008,5/26/2008 09:57:00 PM
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
Yesterday, DH and I went to Scarborough Faire - a lovely village festival in Waxahachie where you are transported back into the 16th century. Well, sort of.

There is an equivalent near Houston, which I've been to twice in my life, and since we've lived here in Dallas I hadn't been to Scarborough Faire, which was something I've wanted to remedy for So, it being the last weekend and all for the festival, DH and I took the hour drive down to see what we could see.

Here is some of what we saw:

Some kids getting tossed around in a barrel swing...
A procession that went on forever...Henna tattoos...The final result...(my hair looked horrible!)
Camel rides...
A guy who played music by rubbing his fingers on glasses filled with water...(it was actually really cool)
And me trying on hats. I wanted this cute pink cowboy hat, but it was $55! I passed on it.It was a really, really fun day, despite the fact that it was 1000 degrees outside and I sweated like I've never sweated before (and you all know how I hate to sweat.) There were lots of people dressed in costume: I saw barbarians, lords and ladies, belly dancers, and a man in Native American garb who had the most gorgeous head of black hair I've ever seen. Gentlemen, why is it that when you grow long hair, it looks damn awesome, but if I try to grow it, it looks like crap?? I ate some lightly breaded, fried mushrooms and a barbecue pork pie, followed later by some skewered fresh pineapple and drank about 50 bottles of water. And, silly us, DH nor I wore any sunscreen on our bodies, so I have the nice farmer tan/burn on the back of my neck and part of my arms. Yeah.

Next year I plan on going in costume, like the big nerd I am, oh, and I'll go when the faire opens at the first of April instead of the end of May, so maybe I won't roast to death....
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