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7.17.2008,7/17/2008 09:43:00 PM
New Eyes
Thanks to all of you who left get well comments. I am finally starting to feel better, thank goodness! Five days after the surgery, I woke up with a puffy rash all over my torso. Turns out I had an allergic reaction to the antiseptic prep stuff they swab all over you pre-incision. My body is weird like that -- I once finished a ten-day course of a sulfa medication before I blew up like a balloon. But, a prescription for steroids and a week later and presto! No more rash!

My incisions healed nicely, but the scars aren't that pretty. I see Mederma in my future...

Anyway, last Saturday DH and I had our annual eye exams. Well, it was annual for me -- DH hadn't been to the eye doctor since before we moved to Dallas 4.5 years ago, when he got glasses to replace the ones he lost in the Guadalupe River on a toobing trip.

Ever since mid-June, DH had been wearing his old contacts that I had to dig out of a box in our closet because, big surprise, he lost his current pair of glasses in the Guadalupe River during a toobing trip. Now, let me tell you, when he decided to go (I'm not the biggest fan of toobing, so I decided to stay behind, plus, my dad and stepmom came to town and took me shopping--way more fun,) I said to him, "I really hope you don't lose your glasses this time," and he assured me this wouldn't happen.

Flash forward to Saturday afternoon. I'm in the car with my parents heading back from the mall when I get a phone call. It was DH, telling me that, as usual, I was right, and guess what he did? He lost his glasses in the river. Luckily his prescription isn't that bad and he can still see mostly without his glasses, because he had to drive back to our house!

Anyway, so we had our eye appointment, and he got new glasses. The new glasses bug bit me as well, since my pair was 3 years old, and, well, I couldn't have DH looking all snazzy in new glasses with me wearing my old ones. Never mind that I don't wear glasses in public. Oh well - I got a new pair in addition to my contacts, and I love love love them!

While DH got his glasses right away, because his prescription is so minimal they can make them in-house (and he looks so cute, y'all, in his new glasses, you don't even know!) mine, being coke bottles, have to be sent off and ground down from giant sheets of plastic, or whatever they do for people who are half-blind.

They came in earlier this week, and I thought I'd show them off, because I think they're quite fetching. I might even wear them in public!

Here are my previous glasses:

And the new ones:

What do you think??
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