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8.20.2008,8/20/2008 05:55:00 PM
Finally! Part II
I hated to do that to y'all last night, but it was really turning out to be a long post, and I like doing cliffhangers anyway, so I thought it was a good place to stop. :) I'm evil, I know.

So anyway, my attorney pulls out LB's Facebook profile, and I start reading it. Here are some of the lovely highlights of what she had written:

"I love driving fast and have the record to prove it"

"Here's to the drunken nights I'll never remember with the friends I'll never forget"

"I love staying single, seeing double, and sleeping triple"

Later, the mediator comes in and says to my attorney, "The defense is saying they never got the Stowers letter," which was essentially a letter my attorney had sent back in January telling the insurance company that we just wanted to get this all over with, and if they paid us the policy limit, we would settle immediately and that would be the end of it.

The insurance company never responded. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.

So my attorney told the mediator, "I sent that Stowers letter back in January, and here is a copy of it," and handed the mediator the letter. Seemingly, someone at the defense attorney's office f-ed up and the defense attorney never got the letter, or he's lying. My attorney gives the mediator the Stowers letter to show to the defense, and then says, "Show them this, too," and hands the mediator LB's Facebook profile, with all the juicy bits highlighted.

A few minutes later the mediator comes in and says, "You got policy limit." She goes on to tell us that she pulled the defense attorney and the insurance adjuster out of the room and said, "Here is the Stowers letter you claim you never received. The plaintiff is demanding you give her policy limit, or I am going to pull LB's father out here and show him his daughter's Facebook profile," and she handed the attorney and the adjuster the pages, to which they said, "Oh, crap," and I got a check the same day.


I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to witness that conversation.

Finally, after almost a year and a half, this whole stupid business is over. After my medical bills and the attorney was paid, we came out with a decent amount that will help pay off some debt and have some left over to put into savings. And I learned a valuable lesson - if someone rear ends you and runs off, and they catch who did it, have their ass arrested!
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8.19.2008,8/19/2008 08:16:00 PM
Okay, it's really sad when you haven't posted in so long the Blogger dashboard has changed in your absence, and it threw you for a loop for a second.

As little as I post, you'd think I'd pack it in already, but, as few posts that come out of here now, I still love blogging and hope that someday, relatively soon, I will regain my mojo. :)

Anyway, I wanted to share with the few who are still readers a little bit of what happened last week. A couple of you have already heard this, but it's a good story and needs to be told again.

In April of 2007, some of you may remember that I was in a car accident, where I was rear-ended while going to work and the person who hit me fled the scene, and they caught her, the Little Bitch (from now on referred to as LB) had no remorse, yadda yadda yadda. I was in physical therapy for five months and still, almost a year and a half later, suffer from pain on my right side, from my neck all the way down my leg. I'd originally thought I was going to let the insurance company take care of me, but several months of physical therapy coming out of my own pocket and hearing some horror stories about insurance companies wanting to take care of their bottom line before they took care of you made me decide to hire an attorney, who would be on my side.

An MRI and X-rays showed that I had an injury to my leg as well as two bulging discs in my neck, and my attorney presented the facts and demanded a certain amount as a settlement based on my injuries, to which LB's insurance company essentially gave us the finger and counteroffered $1700, about a tenth of what my medical bills ended up being. They said that since there was minor damage to my car that I couldn't possibly be as hurt as I said I was, and that I was pretty much faking. Lovely, huh? I guess I paid the MRI technician to switch my results with someone else who had the bulging discs.

In March I gave a deposition, as did LB and her father, since LB is still on his insurance, and found out while reading her deposition that after she rear ended me and left she went home and tried to lie about the accident to her dad, who called her on it and she admitted the truth. But the kicker is that about six months before my accident, she was in a wreck that was her fault, and four months after she rear ended me she was in ANOTHER rear end collision, her fault, of course, and she totaled her car. And you know how her parents "punished" her for that? They bought her a new car!

You'd think that after hearing all this evidence that my case was pretty much watertight, but no, this crap dragged on for yet another five months until last Wednesday, when, in an attempt to keep this from going to trial, we all met up for mediation.

So, last Wednesday morning I showed up at this gorgeous little office in Uptown Dallas, wearing a suit and looking very professional. I was incredibly nervous because LB and her dad were going to be there too, and I just didn't feel like facing them, but I did, and guess what she came dressed in?

Bitch was wearing jeans! JEANS! I mean, come on...my attorney got a kick out of me being so outraged at that, but it just goes to show you what kind of person LB is that she doesn't know that there are times you need to look professional.

So we had our General Session, where the two parties meet in a room with the mediator and the attorneys present their sides of the case. My attorney said that it's an open and shut thing, and if it goes before a jury the defense is screwed and I'll be awarded all these damages, while the other side says I'm faking and the jury would see that and laugh in my face, and then we all adjourned to different rooms, after which the mediator would try to facilitate negotiations for a settlement. My attorney was trying to go for LB's policy limit or as close to it as possible.

While we were waiting for the mediator to come back to us, my attorney says to me, "My paralegal was doing some research on LB, and look what she found."

And my attorney pulled out LB's Facebook profile. And after reading what she wrote, our case started looking better and better.

That's all I'm going to post tonight! Tune in next time for another gripping installment! :)
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