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9.26.2008,9/26/2008 12:15:00 PM
I Haven't the Slightest Idea What to Wear
DH and I are spending Christmas in NYC this year! We will be there for 6 nights and have rented a cute little apartment in the West 40's for our stay. It was comparable, if not a little cheaper, to do that as opposed to getting a hotel, and I wanted to have the freedom of cooking our own meals if we wanted to, even though, in actuality, that probably won't happen. :P Okay, breakfast, maybe...

I already know that I will be seeing dear Poppy (and finally meet Dawg!) for quite a lot of that time, and I hope to see Bearette & Co while I'm there too!

We've bought a cute little guidebook and are planning things to do. This will be DH's first time to the City, and my third, so I've seen some of the touristy things, but want to make sure he sees the landmarks that he wants to see. My very first trip to NYC was with a friend who'd already been loads of times, so she didn't want to see the Statue of Liberty, or Rockefeller Center, or the World Trade Center (before it was Ground Zero,) and I wasn't comfortable enough going on my own (I was 17 and quite sheltered,) so I did what she wanted to do. Any suggestions on what we should see while we're in town?

But I have another problem!!!

I don't have the foggiest idea of what to pack! I mean, I don't even own a coat, people! It doesn't get that cold here!

So my conundrum is this: What should I wear? Can you help me?

And the crappy thing is, with the new baggage handling fee that American has instituted (I hate you, American Airlines! Just thought I'd throw that out there,) I want to try to keep it to two suitcases.

I have three months, so it's time to start preparing! :)
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