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9.10.2008,9/10/2008 09:28:00 PM
I'm Getting Crochety in my Old Age
This past weekend I drove to Houston for Krissypoo's baby shower, which was so much fun and seeing everyone again after so long made me realize how much I'm missing being so far away, and that I really want to move back to Houston. *sniff*

But, this isn't a time to be maudlin. I have a story to tell.

Thursday night I came home from work and noticed that our a/c unit wasn't cooling as well as usual. I didn't think much of it, though, because the evening sun happens to hit our thermostat just so, and sometimes it affects the temperature reading. Went to bed as usual, everything was fine.

I left for Houston from work on Friday, and spent the weekend shopping with my mom, hitting Baker Street Pub with my sister (where we got hit on by some stupid frat boy in an Abercrombie T-shirt that read "Don't blame me, I'm just the wingman," or something like that,) and having lunch on Sunday with Mrs. Wallington, Krissypoo, and SueSue (Krissypoo's good friend and old college roommate, who is totally kick-ass, I must say.)

I got back Sunday evening, and came into the hottest f-ing house EVER. Seriously. Usually, I'm not a hot-natured person, if anything, I'm wrapped in a blanket when it's 74 degrees in the house, but crap, was it hot. Our thermostat read 85, but it felt much hotter than that. I'd stripped down to my underwear within 15 minutes of coming home, which DH got a kick out of.

Sunday night was the worst. We had the overhead fan and our oscillating fan going full blast, and I still couldn't sleep. I probably got about 3-4 hours sleep total, tossing and turning and basically dying of heatstroke. The poor cats were miserable. DH had the name of the a/c guy his parents use, so he gave him a call Monday morning.

So the a/c guy came out, and it turns out all we needed was a freon charge. Thank goodness we didn't need to replace the whole unit! But you know what was really irksome? The reason we needed the charge is because some neighborhood kids were huffing our freon!!!!!

What. The. F-ing. Hell.


Next to our unit, DH and the a/c guy found a spoon that the little fuckers used to turn the valve, or something like that. Earlier that week I'd found several Pepsi cans (neither of us drinks Pepsi or any full-sugar soda at all) around our trash can and in the area between our house and our neighbor's. Guess they needed the Pepsi to keep their energy up while they sniffed the lifeblood out of our a/c unit.

(Our neighbor on that side is like 91 years old. I thought most retired elderly people were nosy and saw everything? Why didn't he catch this????)

I just can't imagine why anyone would be stupid enough to inhale noxious, toxic chemicals in an attempt to get a little buzz. Okay, that totally made me sound like a hypocrite, seeing that I've been known in my college years to inhale the noxious smoke of the wacky tobacky, but at least that stuff's natural! Yeah, I know, not much of an argument, but still. Nobody I know of ever died hitting a joint, while a distant cousin of mine died huffing spray paint fumes.

In the end, there really wasn't much we could do, except replace the freon, which cost us about $150 including the a/c guy's visit. I also called the police to let them know what was happening, but there's nothing they can do either, except try to patrol the area a bit more rigorously.

I have half a mind to go door to door in a three or four block radius with that spoon and say, "Is this your spoon? Do you have a child who's acting a little dumber than normal?"

Stupid kids.
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