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1.07.2009,1/07/2009 08:21:00 AM
NYC Recap, Part I, or Why Carmel Car Service Sucks Monkey Balls
I love NYC. DH and I had the best time while we were there, and didn't want to leave.
However, it didn't start that way.

First of all, I didn't start packing until 8 PM the night before we left, which is highly unusual for me. Normally, I start packing the week before I leave, but with work being so crazy these days, I got a late start.

We had no problem getting to the airport Saturday - left in plenty of time to get through security(it wasn't as hectic as I thought it would be) and sat at our gate with a little over an hour to spare. I popped a Xanax and an anti-nausea pill so I would be fine and dandy when it was time to get on the plane.

Then our flight was delayed two hours.

We finally got on the plane around 4 PM, and I could barely keep my eyes open. As it was, I slept on DH's shoulder in the terminal for about 30 minutes before we boarded. And then after we took off, I slept for ANOTHER 30 minutes, until it was time for the flight attendants to serve the drinks. I have to say, Xanax and anti-nausea meds are awesome when taken in conjunction with one another. There was turbulence on the flight, which usually makes me a nervous wreck, but I was happy as a clam.

So we landed in Newark at around 9 PM that night, and it was snowing - so pretty! and I called Carmel Car Service, who I'd booked for our drive into NYC as well as back to the airport a week later.

I called, talked to a guy named Samuel, told him my voucher code, information, etc, and he told me to hold for dispatch. So I did. For TEN MINUTES. Then the phone was disconnected.

I called back, talked to Samuel again, gave him my info AGAIN, and he said, "Hold for dispatch." Waited on hold for another ten minutes, talked to a lady in dispatch, gave her my information and what I was wearing so the driver could identify us, and was put on hold. For another ten minutes.

Can you tell I wasn't happy?

Then, another guy picks up the phone in dispatch, I had to give my information and description to them AGAIN, and by this time I was pissed and kindly let the guy know that I'd been hung up on, passed around several times, and had to relay my information to umpteen people. Of course, he didn't give a crap, but I got him to give me a concrete window of time on when our car would be there. (5-7 minutes, it was actually over 10 - what is it with this company and ten-minute increments?)
So here we are, outside Newark airport, it's snowing, I'm getting irritated more and more, and the car pulls up. FINALLY. An hour after we initially called for it.

We get in the car, the guy asks us how we're paying and we say, "We have a voucher." Well, that throws another wrench into the mix, and he has to call dispatch, I have to talk to them AGAIN, give them my information AGAIN, and the driver takes the voucher.
At last, we pull up to the apartment we rented for the week (another post entirely,) at 10:45 PM, tired, hungry, cold, but finally in NYC. A dubious beginning, to say the least, but we didn't let that color our experiences at all. :)
More to come!
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