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2.28.2009,2/28/2009 09:55:00 PM
New 'Do
Hope everyone's had a nice weekend so far! Today, I went up to the salon and had my hair cut and got highlights.

Now, I originally went in to have more blonde highlights put in, since it's nearly spring and I like to lighten up in the warmer months (I get lowlights in the winter,) and I was only going to take a little bit of length off, since it was starting to get really long in the front.

Famous last words!

The minute I walked in, I saw a stylist with this super cute haircut. I had my stylist copy it, with a few minor changes: I had her keep it asymmetrical, and didn't stack it very much in the back. Then my colorist talked me into some pretty drastic highlights.

What do you think?

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2.16.2009,2/16/2009 06:43:00 PM
Canal Street, or the Tale of the "Fake" Spade
Lots of stuff has been going on lately. For my birthday two weeks ago, DH and I went to visit my brother and his family in Boston, which was really fun, if cold (I ate Dunkin Donuts EVERY FREAKING DAY - their powdered Munchkins are my favorite,) and I have lots of fun pics from that trip to share.

But first, I'd like to tell y'all another NYC story, this time about Canal Street.
We headed to Chinatown one afternoon for some Chinese food - I fell in love with the pork buns - and, oh my, it was crowded! Cheek to jowl on the sidewalks, all around you were people hawking their wares. Here's a sampling of what I heard on our walk to the restaurant:

"handbaghandbaghandbag, lady, handbag?"


"DVDtwilight, DVD?" (Believe you me, I was sorely tempted to buy this, since from what I heard about the movie, I really didn't want to have to go to the theater to see it)

It was an interesting walk, and at some point I noticed this super cute purse being sold by thie Jamaican guy and paused, but didn't buy it. On the way back to the subway, however, it was still there:

The label on the purse said Kate Spade, and you all know that I'm a sucker for Kate Spade handbags, and I didn't get a chance to visit her SoHo store because we kept sleeping too late, so I paid probably more than, no, strike that, I DID pay more than I should have for this purse, because, it is so obviously a fake that it isn't even funny, but dammit, it was cuuuuute. I couldn't help myself.

I brought it home and carried it a couple of times, but, in all honesty, the purse is a bit too small than what I normally carry - so I hung it on the doorknob of the study and went about my business.

About a week later I was getting ready for work in our guest bathroom and noticed something black stuck to the white tile floor. Upon closer inspection I discovered that it was the "Kate Spade" label from my purse! What the hell?!?!? I know that you get what you pay for, but I would have at least expected a stronger glue than what was on that "Kate Spade" label for what I paid. DH and I had a good laugh over that one.

You know what I did with the label?

I am now the proud owner of a "Kate Spade" makeup bag. :P

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