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3.10.2009,3/10/2009 12:04:00 PM
Let the Renovation Commence!
So DH and I got bit by the reno bug and are now re-doing our kitchen. Actually, we've been wanting to do this since we moved in two years ago, and have the money saved up, finally.

We got a FABULOUS deal on granite countertops and backsplash, which will go in sometime next week. At first, we were going to try to get our cabinets re-faced (even though I really just wanted to have them painted antique white,) and while we were at Home Depot week before last, a guy came up from Home Depot Home Services and asked if we might be interested in getting a free estimate on cabinet refacing (essentially, this entails is replacing the doors and placing a wood veneer over the existing cabinet "box.") We said sure, and set something up for last Wednesday at 8 pm.

Well, this young guy comes in, does his spiel, we pick out a sample of something we like, and he quotes us $15,000. We pretty much laughed him out of the house. Or tried to, anyway.


He kept knocking the price down, eventually getting it to a little more than $12k, and we still said no. Then, he had the audacity to say to us, "Well, if you weren't going to do this now, why did you ask us to come out here?" And I said to him, "Um, because your people approached US and asked us if we wanted a FREE estimate." Dickhead.

After nearly two hours of having this personality-challenged, rude person in our house, we finally got him out, and I was so stressed I had to have a cocktail.
Can you tell I'm still a little pissed about the whole thing?

But then, glory of glories, a former co-worker of DH's who now works in the remodeling business came to our rescue, and is painting our kitchen walls, cabinets, and installing new hardware on the doors for a FRACTION of what the refacing bastard was gonna charge us. So we said yes.

(DFW readers, if you're interested in an awesome home renovation guy who charges very good prices, let me know and I'll pass along his information to you!)

They started the process yesterday, and although the cats are pissed because we have them closed up in the bedroom and study, and the odor of primer is rather strong, I am so freaking excited I can hardly stand it.
Here's our kitchen before:

And in progress:

More to come as we get closer to completion!
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